Kero Hair Protect 60 Capsules

1,000.00 699.00

* Beneficial in reducing hair loss and boost hair growth
* 100% Natural Ayurveda and No side effects
* Beneficial in healthy Nails & Skin
* Revitalises hair tissues
* Reduces Risk of Lice
* Reduces dandruff
* Hair Nourishment
* Prevents hair fall


Cipzer Kero Hair Protector Capsule is extremely effective for hair growth and reduces hair fall and dandruff. It is the best source of biotin and it is beneficial in hair loss and brittle nails mild depression and skin conditions. It is found in egg yolks, milk, bananas, sweet potatoes, seeds, mushrooms, and nuts. Kero Hair protector capsules are enriched with high biotin. It is the best hair growth capsule out there that is safe and effective. It works on hair roots and gives them the nutrition they needed to strengthen the hairs and help them to grow faster. It helps hair grow exponentially and shine. It reduces hair loss and facilitates new growth. It nourishes your scalp and hair making it look thicker. Kero hair protector enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B7, vitamin C, vitamin D, and Iron. It gives you stronger and shinier hair for a long-time. It is totally safe and helpful in scalp problems like dandruff, hair loss, cradle cap, head lice, and increases the growth of hair. It is completely free from chemicals, and other harmful toxins. Its effects on the scalp lead to shiny, healthy, and dense hair growth naturally. If you are suffering from hair loss then use the Cipzer Kero Hair protector capsule. It infuses skin and hair with intense moisture, antioxidants, and essential nutrients for a healthier and fuller appearance. It reduces hair fall and regains the loss of hair, and gains new hair. Kero hair capsule is best for growth, silky, shiny, and stronger hair.


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