Lady Care Capsule

* Prevents harmful bacteria from attaching to vaginal walls
* Stimulates the hormones to balance the body function
* Best treatment for light yellow and white discharge
* Relieves Pain and Discomfort, Avoids Itching
* 100% Natural Ayurveda and No side effects
* Treats urinary tract infection
* Treatment for Leucorrhoea


Hashmi Lady Care Capsule is the best treatment for leucorrhoea. It cures the enormous white discharge problem. It gives you pain and itching free body. Lady care capsules also effective in the vaginal health of the organ. It balances hormonal activity or movement. It cures the problem in a permanent manner and gives you relief from pain, itching, craving, and odor. Lady Care capsule works to heal the body and restore its original capacity. It cures urinary tract infection, vaginal dryness, and relaxes the tissues from irritation. Excessive white discharge from the female genital is known as leucorrhea. leucorrhea affects immunity, whole-body strength, and women feel low and weak. It treats pale skin conditions, high levels of irritation, lumbar pain, prolonged burning, and itching sensation. It also treating other female problems like menstrual problems (periods), maintain the PH level of the vagina, and preventing leucorrhea. Hashmi Lady Care capsule also helps a lady by curing female issues, for example, lower interest for sexual movement, rashes, infected diseases, displeasure, and many more problems. It helps to bring the sensation and feeling of youth back to women. inflammation is cured with the use of a lady care capsule. It extremely useful and effective in female health. It works naturally with the help of Ayurveda and gives you relief for a permanent period.


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