Korean Ginseng Capsule 30's


Human Growth Harmone Capsule

Kids Nutrition Capsule 30's


Ciptone Syrup 500 ML

Ciptone Syrup 500 ML


Tulsi Capsule 30's - Cipzer

Tulsi Capsule 30's


Guduchi Capsule 60's - Cipzer

Guduchi Capsule 60's


Guduchi Capsule 30's - Cipzer

Guduchi Capsule 30's


Arq E Mundi 500 ML

Arq E Mundi 500 ML


Acne & Pimples Capsule 60's - Cipzer

Acne & Pimples Capsule 60's


Natural Vitamin-C Capsule 60's - Cipzer

Natural Vitamin-C Capsule60's



Roghan-E-Zaitoon 100 ML


Amla Capsule 60's - Cipzer

Amla Capsule 60's



Skin Ageing Capsule 60's


Jointo King Oil 50 ML

Jointo King Oil 50 ML



Halwa Gheekwar 250 GM


Jointo King Oil 100 ML

Jointo King Oil 100 ML



Halwa Gheekwar 500 GM


Habb-E-Asgand Pills 50's

Habb-E-Asgand Pills 50's



Jointo King Capsule 60's



Arq Hazim Liquid 500ML



Jawarish-E-Kamooni125 GM



Hazim ChatniPaste 250 GM



Majun Dabidul Ward 125 GM


Triphala Juice 500 ML

Triphala Juice 500 ML



Arq Elaichi 500 ML



Women Support Syrup 100ML



Majoon Mochras 125 GM



Supari Powder 150GM



Sufoof-E- Mohazzil 50 GM


Majoon-E- Hamal Ambari Alwi Khani 60 GM - Cipzer

Majoon-E- Hamal Ambari Alwi Khani 60 GM


Habb-E-Marwareed Pills 20's - Cipzer

Habb-E-Marwareed Pills 20's


Are You Confused? Find the Right Solution!

Do you find yourself confused between the countless choices for the best ayurvedic products in India? Don't worry.
We at Cipzer are here to lead you to the right answers. Whether you're looking for expert advice from our doctor consultants
or a tailored, customized solution, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity with your trusted
ayurvedic online store in India. Start on the journey to health and wellness Today!

Doctor consultant OR customized solution


cipzer Labroratory

Formulated By Experts At Cipzer Laboratory

Begin a journey to complete health care with Cipzer, the top Ayurvedic online store in India. The Cipzer Laboratory of Ayurveda comprises experienced PhDs and Ayurvedacharyas with 50+ years of combined expertise. They create our exclusive range of best ayurvedic products using scientifically tested ingredients to assist you in achieving your health objectives.


The Best Ingredients Passed Through Toughest Process

We're dedicated to sourcing only the finest ingredients to create a range of best Ayurvedic products. We exceed expectations in ingredient sourcing – Shilajit from 18000 Ft. in the Himalayas, Aloe Vera from the Thar Desert, and Noni from Andamans. Our Hair Oils simmer with herbs in Oil for days, Body butter refined with Ghee through 100 washes. Rest assured, our  GMP-certified ayurvedic online store boasts 8 USFDA approvals.


Holistic Solutions For Every Need

Whether it's acne, hair fall, or diabetes, our approach extends beyond mere product offerings. We provide complimentary advice and the best ayurvedic medicine online from health experts, customized diet plans, and lifestyle suggestions encompassing Yoga Asanas. Our approach ensures that you receive comprehensive support on your journey to optimal health and wellness with the best ayurvedic products in India.

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    Ayurvedic Products

    Effortlessly assimilates into your everyday routine.

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    Lifestyle Recommendations

    Complement it with Yoga Asanas for maximum benefit

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    Custom Diet Plans

    Obtain personalised meal plans tailored to suit your unique health objectives.

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    Expert Connect

    If in doubt, don't hesitate to connect with our Ayurveda Specialists at no cost.

New Arrivals

Looking for the perfect path to wellness? Our newest and the best Ayurvedic products are here!  Made with care using traditional wisdom, they're the best ayurvedic medicine online for your well being. Shop from the comfort of your home and find exactly what you need to feel your best. It's all at your fingertips!

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